The key to unlocking Internet bandwidth over the existing coax wiring to a single family home, apartment unit or office location.

Increasing the capacity of last mile data services delivery is unreasonably expensive. Existing solutions either call for new cable/fiber installation, or simply don’t meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth at reasonable prices or increments.

With AccessSFP, you use your existing coax wiring to instantly deliver high speed bandwidth with ease.

Access SFP : Solving the “Last Mile” Bandwidth Dilemma

The easiest, most cost-effective technical solution to the nagging IP problem of “last mile” bandwidth is here: ACCESS SFP. The simpler and more cost-effective means of moving data over existing infrastructure, ACCESS SFP is easily installed as an accessory to legacy equipment.

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All Internet providers face the same challenge--delivering bandwidth at gigabit speeds to their customers, easily and at a low cost.  MDS Link’s patent pending Access-SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) last mile technology solves this problem.

Access-SFP uses standard chip technology.  Access-SFP provides--symmetrically--up to 3 gigabits of throughput while plugging into an Ethernet network.  This makes Access-SFP competitive with the fastest solutions in the market today--and with the best cost.



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Our offering is unique because we are:

  1. The first to offer a hosted or host-less solution over coax
  2. With the most bandwidth over existing coax cable
  3. At the lowest cost in the marketplace

Access-SFP offers up to 3 gigabit of throughput while leveraging an Ethernet network resulting the lowest cost of ownership vs. Fiber, Docsis and G.Fast networks.

Currently there is market pressure to solve this problem. 

Access-SFP solves this problem with a hosted and host-less solution.  The combinations of using these two options with the same SFP covers the majority of existing use cases.  Making a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solution possible.

Our solution is simple!

Up to 3GB per Connection

Use Existing Coax Wiring

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